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Donna Ray
Donna Ray

advance training

Donna Ray

"Physical and Emotional Pain"
this advanced training was cancelled.

Oct 10 to 14,2013 Thu to Mon
venue: Kanagawa Science Park


Learn how to alter Emotional and Physical Pain and how they interact using Feldenkrais ATM/FI and Interpersonal Neurobiology Donna Ray, M.A., M.F.T.


Join me in this course and explore how to alter physical and emotional pain and our perception of it.


Helping people who are suffering with physical and emotional pain is one of my specialties. Pain can be debilitating and consuming, but it doesn’t have to be.

You will learn many strategies that change both physical and emotional pain and suffering.


Learn to help yourself and others using the Feldenkrais Method and Interpersonal Neurobiology to alter pain and the ramifications of pain in daily life.



Pain creates a state or pattern in the brain/ nervous system that encompasses  sensations, emotional reactions, our thoughts and perceptions. Pain alters our moods and it dictates our actions. Pain interferes with  the way we move and the way we interact with others. Pain has many different qualities.


Self- awareness is a potent tool.  We can gain control of ourselves and our lives, even when pain is in the picture. 


In The Elusive Obvious, Dr. Feldenkrais writes “ The mind gradually develops  and begins to program the functioning of our brain.


We will examine how the mind changes the brain and the brain changes the mind.  This method of “rewiring” or changing the real estate of the brain effects the entire human being.  To be functionally well integrated,  means the we can learn to do what we want, even in the face of pain and discomfort.


According to Feldenkrais “Each individual has the ability to wire himself in a special way.”


Change is possible when people join together to open a window of new possibilities. Intelligence, knowledge and awareness  combined  with openness, flexibility,  understanding & compassion create comfort and healing.


We will join together creating a  dynamic learning situation to bring about change.



Location: Kanagawa Science Park

dates: Oct 10 to 14, Thu - Mon, 2013
hours: 1st day/11:00-17:30 2nd-4th days/10:00-16:30 5th day/9:00-15:30
cost: 80,000Yen(signing up before Sep10) 80,000Yen(after Sep11)
To sign up, please use the singn-up form below, or call Feldenkrais Japan
tel:+81-3-3358-272  fax:+81-3-3358-2764