Feldenkrais Professional Training Program
Tokyo 5
August 2023 - May 2027

open for enrollment!!

This training is Internationally Accredited




Stephanie Spink


Yasuko Kasami

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The training program is limited to 45 participants. We welcome students of diverse ages, professions, and backgrounds such as theatre, dance, music, sports, education, physical and occupational therapy, psychology, medicine,
massage, athletic training, social work and anyone seeking personal growth, increased agility & vitality.

All candidates are expected to have experienced both ATM and FI lessons before the beginning of the training.


Educational Director:Stephanie Spink

Trainers: Paul Newton, Deborah Bowes, Thomas Farnbacher, Stephanie Spink

Assistant Trainer:Yasuko Kasami


This course is taught in English

Dates , trainer schedule

Lessons are precisely structured movement explorations that involve thinking, sensing, moving, and imagining. Many are based on developmental movements and ordinary functional activities. Some are based on more abstract explorations of joint, muscle, and postural relationships. The lessons consist of comfortable, easy movements that gradually evolve into movements of greater range and complexity.
The training program meets three times a year. (10 to 15 days per segment.)


YEAR ONE (2023-2024)

1st segment August 11 to 22 (10 days) Days off: 8/16,17
2nd segment November 17 to 28 (10 days) Days off: 11/22,23
3rd segment (online) March 13-17 (5 days)
4th segment April 24 to May 12 (15 days) Days off: 4/29,30, 5/6,7


YEAR TWO(2024-2025)

1st segment August 8 to 19 (10 days) Days off: 8/13,14
2nd segment November 15 to 26 (10 days) Days off: 11/ 20,21
3rd segment (online) March 12-16 (5 days)
4th segment April 24 to May 12 (15 days) Days off: 4/29,30,5/6,7


YEAR THREE(2025-2026)

1st segment August 14 to 25 (10 days) Days off: 8/19,20
2nd segment November 20 to December 1 (10 days) Days off: 11/25,26
3rd segment (online) March 11-15 (5 days)
4th segment April 25 to May 12 (15 days) Days off: 4/29,30,5/6,7


YEAR FOUR(2026-2027)

1st segment August 6 to 24 (15 days) Days off: 8/11,12,18,19
2nd segment November 9 to 30 (10 days) Days off: 11/22, 23
3rd segment April 29 to May 17 (15 days) Days off: 5/4,5,11,12


total days – 160days


Kanagawa Science Park(KSP)
3-2-1, Sakado, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 216-0012


672,000 Yen per year (plus tax)
Payment in installments is possible.


Feldenkrais Japan, Inc.
10-12, 5F Yotsuyasakamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 160-0002
tel. +81-3-3358-2725
fax. +81-3-3358-2764
Administrative Director:
Yasuko Kasami


For more details feel free to ask the administrative director.



The FPTP Tokyo 4 is an accredited Feldenkrais training program.

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