Moshe Feldenkrais

what is Feldenkrais Method?

The Feldenkrais Method, developed by Moshe Feldenkrais, is a system of learning that draws out, through a series of body movements, the latent capabilities we all possess. Feldenkrais reasoned that since human beings learn through movements from the moment we are born, paying attention to how we move our bodies would then lead to a heightened awareness of those movements, an improvement of the quality of those movements and ultimately, the quality of our lives.


There are two ways to practice the Feldenkrais Method: Functional Integration (FI) and Awareness Through Movement (ATM). Functional Integration is practiced through individual lessons in which practitioners use gentle touching to guide participants to develop an understanding of how their bodies move and then to suggest ways in which those movements might be more easily and efficiently achieved. In Awareness Through Movement group lessons, the practitioner uses verbal cues to guide participants through series of exercises that increase awareness of how the body functions through movement.


Both kinds of lessons use simple fluid movements to direct the participantユs attention to how those movements feel so that they may learn how to move without unnecessary tension.


Through these lessons, we increase our awareness of how rigid and patterned our everyday body movements have become over time, resulting in a lack of flexibility and harmony that prevent us from moving with grace. The Feldenkrais Method helps us redevelop our capabilities for efficient, dynamic and elegant movement.


In addition, by heightening awareness of how our bodies move, we are able to improve the quality of how we see ourselves so that we may realize our goals more directly.


The Feldenkrais Method increases our abilities to feel and enriches our lives. Thus, it allows us to be comfortable with and celebrate who we are.


who is Moshe Feldenkrais?