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Stephanie Spink
Stephanie Spink

advance training

Stephanie Spink

"The Use of Rollers in Functional Integration lessons"

Dec 12 to 15,2013 Thu to Sun
venue: Kanagawa Science Park


During the Amherst FPTP, Moshe Feldenkrais gave FI lessons where he can be observed using a variety of rollers in different positions and configurations with varying intentions. In Training Programs we learn the use of rollers for support in F.I. and may have seen or received lessons where rollers are used to elicit and facilitate the learning of specific movement patterns, relationships or actions. In this advanced training we will observe Moshe giving several FI lessons where he uses rollers as a tool to facilitate the learning of his clients. Using ATM and FI we will explore some of these themes and discover the relationship between Feldenkrais’s observations, thinking and actions.


Rollers, as a consequence of their dynamic instability, density and shape can serve practitioners as strategic tools facilitating their techniques in FI and the learning environment created for the client. This workshop offers you an opportunity to explore and clarify further how you might use rollers in your practice of FI and for your own learning.


Using observation of Moshe’s FI lessons, ATM and F.I. practices we will explore how rollers can be used to:-

  • engage your students attention, refine and evoke their abilities
  • transform a student’s positioning into a potent learning situation
  • act as a constraint
  • exaggerate a tendency
  • highlight a kinesthetic experience
  • create a dynamic base of support
  • emphasize, clarify or provoke learning situations and enhance skeletal connections.
  • develop a repertoire of lessons for coordinating action and developing kinaesthetic intelligence.


Please bring: Rollers (the more the better), table and stool, a blanket and towel.



Location: Kanagawa Science Park

dates: Dec 12 to 15, Thu - Sun, 2013
hours: 1st day/11:00-17:30 2nd-4th day/10:00-16:30
cost: 60,000Yen (signing up before Nov 10) 65,000Yen(after Nov 11)
To sign up, please use the singn-up form below, or call Feldenkrais Japan
tel:+81-3-3358-2725 fax:+81-3-3358-2764


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