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Stephanie Spink
Stephanie Spink

Stephanie Spink

Linking the “Power house and Periscope” : Part II
Exploring the internal connections between the pelvis, spine, head and face


May 15 to 17 (Fri - Sun), 2020
venue: Kanagawa Science park イメージ


Many physical and functional problems are linked with poor connectivity and organization of the pelvis, spine, head and neck.

When giving FI, Moshe Feldenkrais used an incredible variety of strategies involving the vertebrae of the spine and neck. To optimize the effectiveness of all your FI lessons it is important to be able to work comfortably and confidently with the head neck and spine. In this advanced training you will develop your understanding of these areas through ATM and FI.

Personally, this will influence the tonus of your whole body, your sense of stability and flexibility, your breathing and ease of action. You will gain more choices and develop more strategies for your FI practice.


Location: Kanagawa Science Park イメージ

dates: May 15 - 17 (Fri-Sun) ,2020, three days
hours: 1st & 2nd day/10:00 – 17:00, 3rd day/9:00 - 16:00
participants:Feldenkrais practitioners, FPTP trainees of 3rd or 4th year


3days 67,000Yen, including tax (up to Apr.30: 58,000Yen)
2days 47,000Yen, including tax (up to Apr.30: 42,000Yen)

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