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Donna Ray
Donna Ray


Donna Ray

"Fit Mind/Fit Brain/Fit Body" 
this workshop was cancelled.

Oct 5 to 6,2013 Sat to Sun
venue: Kanagawa Science Park


This unique course will give participants a new and deeper understanding of what it means to be fit. Even more important it will give people the foundation to keep the mind, body and brain fit and sound for years to come.


By understanding how the brain/mind/body works you can make vast improvements in yourself and in your life. Contemporary neuroscience helps us understand how to maximize change in our lives. This scientific information coupled with The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education provides us with
a practice of pleasurable, easy-to-do  Awareness Through Movement lessons that apply to daily functions.


In this course you will learn how to reduce stress increase well being and improve physical, emotional, and mental functioning.


You will learn to increase your Brain Power including memory and problem solving.


You will learn to become physically flexible, co-ordinated and to increase your endurance.


You will learn to increase vitality and reduce stress.


You will learn to decrease pain and discomfort.


You will learn to improve sports activities like, tennis, golf, running, swimming and more.



Location: Kanagawa Science Park

dates: Oct 5 to 6, Sat - Sun, 2013
hours: 1st day/11:00-17:30  2nd day/10:00-16:30
cost: 30,000Yen(signing up before Sep10) 32,000Yen(after Sep11)
To sign up, please use the singn-up form below, or call Feldenkrais Japan
tel:+81-3-3358-2725 fax:+81-3-3358-2764