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Stephanie Spink
Stephanie Spink


Stephanie Spink

"Developing Intelligent feet
Functional Anatomy of the Foot and Ankle "

Dec 7 to 8,2013 Sat to Sun
venue: Kanagawa Science Park


How we find stability and mobility on our feet is vital for our ease and comfort moving through life.


Our feet provide our base of support and our connection to the ground. They spread the weight of the body to the ground, give stability and mobility to our base, absorb shock and impact of motion and give articulation and refinement to our movement and gestures. Unless challenged by injury or difficulty we can take our feet for granted, underutilising their inherent design for support, balance and propulsion in daily life. Anyone who has injured or experienced difficulties with their feet understands how constraining this is on their activities, even in the simplest actions of daily life. An unclear image of how our feet function creates a susceptibility to damaging forces not only to our feet but to our whole self in action, which could be avoided or reduced through self knowledge.


The functional capacities our feet provide us with emerge from their structure, musculoskeletal relationships and the inherent characteristics of our nervous system. Along with this our self image, formed and learned through our life’s experiences becomes the basis for how we function in the world, and fundamentally determines how we use ourselves. Through our habits of action or as a consequence of injuries, we frequently reduce the possibilities of and “aliveness” of our feet.


In this workshop we will explore the functional anatomy of the foot and ankle using the Feldenkrais Method to enhance and clarify our understanding in experiential ways.


This workshop can benefit anyone interested in learning about themselves and their feet in walking and standing. From athletes to dancers interested in improving their performance to rehabilitation professionals, individuals who wish to recover or prevent injury or to improve the quality of their everyday movements.


In this 2 Day workshop we will:

  • Explore the surface anatomy of the foot, ankle and lower leg
  • Clarify its structures , architecture and biomechanical possibilities
  • Explore the influence of how our whole body organization influences the use of our feet in action and discover the importance of the functional coupling of the feet with the entire body
  • Refine the relationships and coordination of the feet to the knees, hip joints, pelvis and spine.
  • Explore “Awareness through Movement” lessons that highlight significant relationships, actions and coordinative patterns underpinning the actions of the feet for balance, propulsion and adaptability.
  • Explore our self image focusing on our feet enhancing their natural flexibility, power, balance and efficiency in action.


Through short talks, guided explorations, observation activities and Awareness through Movement lessons, you will re discover your feet and how this can influence your experience and way of being in the world.



Location: Kanagawa Science Park

dates: Dec 7 to 8, Sat - Sun, 2013
hours: 1st day/11:00-17:30 2nd day/10:00-16:30
cost: 30,000Yen(signing up before Nov 10) 32,000Yen (after Nov 11)
Feldenkrais Practitioner or FPTP trainee 25,000Yen
To sign up, please use the singn-up form below, or call Feldenkrais Japan
tel:+81-3-3358-2725 fax:+81-3-3358-2764


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