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Alan Questel
Alan Questel

introductory workshop for FPTP Tokyo3

Alan Questel

"The Moment where we begin...."
An Exploration between Intention and Action


Apr. 18 to 19, Sat & Sun
venue: Kanagawa Science Park


When and how do our thought and intentions turn into actions?
How often do we unknowingly create unnecessary work for ourselves?
How can we become more like we imagine ourselves to be? The significance of understanding these questions is key to accurately fulfilling our objectives in life. Utilizing Feldenkrais-Awareness Through Movement lessons we will inquire into this moment between intention and action.
By discovering how we initiate the things we do, we can improve our efficiency, reduce our discomfort and create a life more to our liking.


This workshop will serve as an introduction for those who may be interested in undertaking the Tokyo 3 Feldenkrais Training Program.



Location: Kanagawa Science Park

dates: Apr. 18 to 19, Sat & Sun, 2015
hours: 1st day / 11:00-17:30 2nd day / 10:00-16:30


two days attending 32,400 Yen(w/tax:signing up before Mar 30)  34,560 Yen (w/tax:after Apr 1)

one days attending 21,600 Yen (w/tax:signing up before Mar 30) 23,760 Yen (w/tax:after Apr 1)
participants from overseas : 20% off from above

those who have signed up Tokyo3 Training :

two days attending 21,600 Yen(w/tax) 

one day attending 10,800 Yen(w/tax) 

To sign up, please contact us using the form below, or call Feldenkrais Japan

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