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Stephanie Spink
Stephanie Spink

Stephanie Spink

Move Better Feel Better - Neuro Plasticity and the Feldenkrais Method


July 14 to 15 (Fri - Sat), 2023
venue: Kanagawa Science park イメージ


Are you satisfied with your posture?
Are you satisfied with your breathing?
Are you satisfied with your life?
Have you learned to do what you wish to do (with yourself) and how to do it?
Do you regret not being able to do the things you would have liked to do?

Neuro plasticity underpins how we learn, our capacity to learn and our ability to change and refine ourselves.

60 years before neuro plasticity was scientifically validated Dr. Feldenkrais began inventing learning processes designed to create new habits of mind and behavior by driving changes in the nervous system - that is utilizing concepts we now call Neuro plasticity.

The basic principle of Dr Feldenkrais’ work is that we can remodel ourselves and can continue our growth and development as individuals. While reflecting modern scientific thought, the Feldenkrais Method clearly does not rely on a “knowledge” of neuro plasticity but rather approaches learning from an experiential perspective.

Dr Feldenkrais believed, that knowing oneself is the most important thing a human being can do for himself. He developed a Method in which we learn to know ourselves by learning to act not as one “should” but as one can. If we do not know what we are “doing” or how we are acting, then we cannot possibly do what we want.

Our learnt ways of moving and acting influence our flexibility of thought and body. Our habits of attention and thinking influence our mind and our actions. Dr Feldenkrais said he wasn’t interested in flexible bodies but in flexible minds that enable us to live to our potential in ways we want.

In this workshop we will explore, experientially, the learning processes of the Feldenkrais Method, in comfortable and easy ways that will help you both feel and move better. You will discover how to liberate yourself from unconscious habits of thinking and moving that limit your potential.

This workshop may prove valuable for people who are interested in self- improvement in any area of their lives, or whose work addresses motor activity, educationally or therapeutically, and will serve as an introduction for those who may wish to undertake a Professional Training Program in the Feldenkrais Method to commence in August 2023.


Location: Kanagawa Science Park イメージ

dates: July 14 - 15 (Fri-Sat) ,2023, two days
hours: 1st day/10:00 – 16:30, 2nd day/9:30 - 16:00
participants:general public with no specific condition


2days 30,000Yen, including tax (up to June 25: 26,000Yen)
1 day 22,000Yen, including tax (up to June 25: 14,000Yen)

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